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Only when we truly see God as our Father can we parent with success. We cannot give what we do not have. When we, as parents, are whole, we can better parent whole children. As we learn to be sons and daughters of God, we can teach our children how to follow us as we follow Christ. As the family of God, we are the family into which He places the fatherless. We need to learn the function of sons and daughters and mothers and fathers. 

In this free workshop, we will explore…

· Defining successful parenting
· Restoring the family unit – God’s original vision
· Understanding the heart of our Father, God
· The power of love in the family
· Authority, Structure, Peace!

We will experience the healing love of our Father, God. We will feel the tears of His heart as He weeps for His children to be restored. We will laugh, even at ourselves, and find joy in the journey. And we will learn God’s intention for dwelling together in unity as individual family units and as the family of God.

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